Visit of TUS Representative
January 1, 2024
20 min Readings

On the 1st of January 2024, Ed-hoc International, Kochi Branch, had the honor of hosting a representative from TUS, Ireland. The visit aimed to strengthen ties between Ed-hoc International and TUS and provided an enriching experience for the students. representative arrived promptly at 2:00 PM, and the visit was structured to maximize engagement.
The interaction between the two institutions promised to bring about mutual benefits and open avenues for collaboration in the field of education. The representative from TUS shared insights into the academic programs, research opportunities, and global initiatives that TUS provides.

 “Edhoc Overseas Education, the brainchild of three young graduates with a shared mission to empower ideal students and individuals passionate about education, boasts an extensive network across the globe and affiliations with numerous prestigious universities in Ireland, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, France, and beyond. Serving as your passport to a world-class education, we are your gateway to unparalleled academic opportunities.
What makes us stand out? A flawless track record of securing visas for all applicants, a testament to the prowess of our education experts, visa counselors, admission experts, and documentation specialists. Edhoc has already transformed the aspirations of several international students into triumphant success stories, offering personalized guidance finely tuned to each student’s aspirations.At Edhoc Overseas Education, we’re not just consultants; we’re architects of dreams and champions of global education. Join us at Edhoc Overseas Education, where each partnership, each success story, and each dream realized adds a new chapter to our commitment to fostering global minds and shaping futures without boundaries. Let’s shape your future together!
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