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4 December, 2023
20 mins

Stay Back in France

Stay back in France after Masters:

International students wish to pursue masters from French Universities for quality, exposure, and experience. The long term goal of studying in France for many is to work there and potentially settle. This article will help you to explore the rules and regulations you must follow as an international student, if you intend to stay back in France after master’s.

While Pursuing Master’s:

Master’s students have stay back option in France as their long stay visa grants them a residence permit. And therefore you don’t need a separate work permit, since your residence permit allows you to be employed part-time for up to 964 hours a year, approximately 20 hours a week.

Post-Completion of Master’s:

After the completion of master’s, students have 5 year stay-back offer. Also you can avail a temporary residence permit valid for two years. If you can get a job over these two years, you can request the company to sponsor a permanent residence or work permit.

Job Opportunities after Master’s:

France opens pathway to explore number of job opportunities and even some colleges provides Placement for students. After master’s it is easy to get a job and once you find employment, stay back in France permanently and obtaining a Permanent Residence (PR) permit will also become easier. Apart French degree will bolster your resume and impress every employers.

  • Then one of the benefit or offer you can have as a master’s student in France is you can avail Spouse Visa. Which means a non-European partner is allowed to stay in France with their spouse without applying for separate residence permit. For that you should submit documents required through online form and main document is Marriage Certificate. But if the spouse need to work there in part-time, French government decision is important.

Stay Back After Bachelor’s:

Stay back in France after bachelor’s is six months. And during this six months, you can search for jobs in France and can settle there after gaining a job.

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