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4 December, 2023
20 mins

Study in France

France is home to best universities and you can equip with best education and it will be an excellent choice for international students. France is a welcoming country with a diverse culture and has best schools which are renowned internationally, such as Fashion Schools and Business Schools. France is awarded for International Student Satisfaction Awards 2014, which attracted the students to find France a good place for study.

World Class Education:

France provides world class education and have excellent curriculum focused on holistic learning and provides industry based relevant knowledge and skills. English taught programs are widely available across most higher education institutions.

French Universities:

French Universities provide High quality education system to the multicultural environment. Students find great multicultural study experience, bringing together culture from all over the world. Apart a semester in France will give particularly a breath-taking experience. Students who studied at France were happy and satisfied with their universities and high academic standards. Universities of France provides good opportunities to conduct research in using modern facilities and offers a wide range of study subjects.

Best Courses:

Management or MBA is the top favourite course of France because one can do specialisation in different field like Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Strategic Management, and in General Management.  Other famous courses are MSc in Financial Market & Investments, MSc in Luxury & Fashion Management, MSc in Banking and International Finance, and more.

Rich Culture:

France is famous for its rich culture and history, then for its best career opportunities and for the affordable cost of living.  However tuition fees are lower for public higher education institutions because the French Government subsidises them. France provides financial support for international students through various scholarships, available for both governmental and nongovernmental organizations. Most of the students apply for aid to receive monthly funding to cover the entire living costs.

French Language:

Another benefit for students is studying French Language. Because French language come under world language and it is the language of culture, a language for travel, language for higher education and apart it is a language that is even fun to learn. Most of the students easily catch the language and students have opportunities to advance their French language skills through rewarding social interactions and most of them speak in French. There are lot of students from all over the world and it is easy to find a student buddy to learn languages than French student.

Part-time Job:

In order to manage the expenses, an international student should take up part-time jobs and in France, all students whether it is international or not, have the same rights to work on or off campus although restrictions differ if you are an international student. And with so much to see and do in country, a little extra money provides greater advantage to any student. In order to work you do not need a work visa but you should have a student residence permit to work. The students can work in cafes, call centres, and in restaurants and can even pay tuition fees using that wage. Part time jobs like library assistants, research assistants are also available and you can enquire at universities for jobs.

Explore France:

Apart of all you can explore the France by discovering all local, convivial way of life and culture, then you can taste and smell, then can create beautiful discoveries to have unforgettable memories. And dive into nature and feel its benefits. France is the world leader with strong economy. France is also home to leading international corporations, and one of the modern countries and is fourth in popular destination for international students.

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